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We are probably THE major stockist of Lechler coatings' Systems in the Yorkshire area.

The BSB HS BASECOAT two layer refinishing system offers a quality process in colour matching, so perfect reproduction of the original tint is guaranteed.

ISOAKRYL is a polyacrylic paint of two components for a perfect refinishing system, there are more than 35,000 formula available for cars, trucks and motorcycles.

The MACROFAN HS PRIMING SYSTEM is a low consumption HS colour primer system. The products have a high performance concerning coverage, sandability and insulating power.

There are more than 300 formulas available for original tints and car interiors.

LECHSYS is a multi-binder system for truck refinish and general industry. The system is composed of highly concentrated tint bases which enables the production of 52 different products.

All products are highly performing anticorrosion primers, covering fillers/insulating and refinish. Products have different colour effects such as glossy, semi-matt, matt, structured, textured, metallic, micaceous iron effect and hammer effect.

The HYDROFAN BASECOAT is a selection of Matt Bases that can be diluted with water to produce pastel, metallic and pearl refinishing.

The system is composed of 58 bases, hydrofan basecoat is ready to use and does not require any additives, catalysers or hardeners.

MACROFAN HS TOP COAT is a multi binder system for polyacrylic finishing with various performance levels. There are 26 pigment rich base colours and 6 binders that produce enamel finishes.

The best system that meets the needs of the professional refinisher concerning coverage, price and levels of performance.


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